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Steel Processing

The Company has Modern and sophisticated equipment to process H. R. Coil into Sheets, and Plates. In addition there is in-house facility for Blanking, Slitting, Shearing and Pickling.

1) Cut-To- Length: This process involves straightening and leveling of HR and CR coil into sheets of required sizes. Process involves straitening, shearing, etc. of the HR Coil by various machines and equipments.
A cut-to-length line has a de-coiler, pinch roll / flattener, a shear and limit switch suitable for lengths. To convert coil into flat sheets require a unique process, whereby the coil is opened and then, the material is flattered and cut into desired length. There are number of machines involved for the above process like De-coiler, Straightener, Leveller, Pinch roller, Shear, Stacker, etc.

2) CR/HR Slitting Line: This involves cutting the width of the coil into strips of smaller width as per requirement. Slitting is dividing a single, wide strip of metal into narrower strips. The widths of coils in slitted condition are decided by the requirement of the users of the finished product. Based on these widths, the distance between slitting cutter is accurately decided. Rotary disc cutters are fixed on the arbour with spacers in between and the arbours mounted in the housing.

3) Pickling in HR Sheets/Plates: Hot rolled strip has oxide layers on the surface. Then by the action of warm hydrochloric acid, which is subsequently rinsed by cold and hot water.

4) Blanking (Re-Shearing): Blanking is an operation of cutting, or shearing a sheet into predetermined shape. Blanking is cutting of a large sheet into smaller pieces required by the users industry. Plant is equipped with various sophisticated re-shearing machines.

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