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Stainless Steel Profile

>> We have a Modern and sophisticated Steel Service Centre to Process all kind of Steel products,

>> We can supply SS or MS Profile Precision Cut Parts which are  duly cut on CNC,  Water Jet/ Laser/Plasma Machines  in the required Grade and as per the Drawing.

>> We have a CNC Press Brake of 6m length for Bending requirement,

>> We have a  4 Rolls NC Rolling Machine of 3m length,

>> We can supply in small quantities  to suit buyers requirements.

>> India is a preferred  exporter of SS and MS Plates and Sheets to various countries around the world, we can supply the material in required Grades, Sizes and Shape. This will essentially mean that the buyer will not have  to pay freight and other charges on full value including for Scrap generated in their process.

>> We have the necessary Raw Material in our ready Stock for prompt delivery.

>> We have been supplying such products to various users in India.

>> We have the required quality system in place,

>> We can provide the necessary certification and inspection as required by the buyer.

Contact Us

  • ARK Industries Pvt. Ltd. 

    205, Windfall, Sahara Plaja Complex J B Nagar,
    Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400 059.

  • Phone

    +91-22-4502300 / 45023099

    Fax : +91-22-45023030